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Upcoming Modern GTM Modules

As a founder you want to build a company with a Modern GTM which means learning the best practices required to build and lead your organization. It also means driving the implementation and use of the right business tooling required to support each team and keep them aligned on the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Without the right tools and common dashboards, founders end up managing a frustrated team of experts as critical activities suffer due to missed data. We recommend tools we’ve seen work well in the tactical modules below.

In the coming weeks, we will release deep-dive modules on each of the five functions required for the Unusual Modern GTM. We hope you will explore these tactical modules in our Unusual Field Guide where TEAM UNUSUAL will provide tools, practical examples, and concrete success metrics for you and your team to use and benchmark your progress. The modules and their release dates are as follows:

1) Sales (May 25). Continuous engagement with prospective customers to ensure a clear definition of USER and BUYER and regular product feedback. Converting adopters to customers.

2) Marketing (June 15). What role does marketing play in the Modern GTM? What are the tactical elements and success metrics founders should be aware of? 

3) Education (June 29) is a new function in a startup that is essential as part of the Modern GTM. What is Education in the Modern GTM? 

4) Product (July 13). A deep dive into the role Product Management plays in the Modern GTM complete with our extensive thinking on the PLG motion.

5) Community (July 27). How to build and manage a community as part of a greater GTM strategy.

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