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Prospecting for Design Partners for B2B Startups

Using Sales Navigator, Evaboot, ZoomInfo, and Outreach

In this video module, we'll walk through how to use a common sales toolchain to identify prospective design partners. The tools we'll use include those summarized below. All are affordable and well worth the investment.

Sales Navigator

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator you can filter LinkedIn profiles to identify those that match your Ideal Customer Profile. We recommend this tool because most people keep their LinkedIn profiles up to date, meaning that leads matching your search are more likely to be correct. Sales Navigator enables you to be very specific about which LinkedIn profiles you want to see.


Evaboot integrates with Sales Navigator and enables you to download leads as a CSV file. This is necessary so that you can enrich those leads with emails addresses and phone numbers using a tool like ZoomInfo -- upload the CSV and ZoomInfo adds the contact information you need for prospecting.


ZoomInfo is a data enrichment tool. Upload leads data in the form of a CSV file and ZoomInfo will add email addresses and phone numbers for all leads it is able to match against its database. You can also perform lead searches in ZoomInfo, if you'd prefer to use ZoomInfo rather than Sales Navigator.


Outreach enables you to create messaging templates and establish email campaigns using those templates. Using Outreach your campaigns will sequence email sends at a cadence that you set. It will help you avoid being too spammy and getting blocked by service providers. It will also help you assess the relative success of different messaging strategies.

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