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Start Your Company

When it comes to starting a company, the hardest part is often just getting started. Becoming a founder is not just a professional decision, but a personal one. We interviewed over 30 founders including the founders of Nextdoor, AppDynamics, and Demisto to break down what the earliest leg of the journey looks like so you can make the leap with confidence.

This chapter will explore how to build conviction in an idea, choose your co-founder(s), raise pre-seed capital, leave your job on good terms, and set the right foundation for your company.

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Sarah Leary
Sarah Leary
Jyoti Bansal

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Start Your Company

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Every founder's journey is unique, but one common thread is the importance of understanding and documenting your motivations for starting a company. It's critical to be honest with yourself before you make the commitment and to confirm the support of your personal network. Discover how in our first step: Building Conviction.