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It can seem daunting to raise capital for your startup, but with a clear understanding of the milestones Seed and Series A investors expect to see, you can set the right goals and successfully raise from top investors. 

This chapter will uncover what investors are specifically looking for, how to create excitement for your company with a strategic pitch, and how to run a bulletproof fundraising process to raise from the best VC’s.

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Haley Daiber
Haley Daiber
John Vrionis
John Vrionis
Rachel Star

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This chapter will cover

Consumer Subscription Evaluation Rubric

Cohort Analysis Primer

Outline Series A Deck

Outline Seed Deck

Consumer Social Evaluation Rubric

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But before you dive in to prep your pitch deck and line up investors, review your progress and find out if you’re really pitch-ready, starting with Consumer Social.